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what_patients_say “I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for approximately 4 years. I initially began treatment for a skin issue that I had not been able to receive relief for with tradition medicine. Having a background in healthcare I was skeptical about alternative medicine but had exhausted all treatment options. Not only did acupuncture provide me with relief for my skin ailments but it relieved many other bothersome symptoms. I feel more centered and relaxed after my treatments. For me, it is an investment in my over all health and wellbeing. I cannot imagine my life with out it.”
— AA, Hershey

“I began acupuncture treatments with Becky to ease chronic migraines. Not only did I benefit with a sense of well being, more energy and an easing of symptoms, but I also felt like I was treated as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms. Becky is an excellent listener and understands that physical symptoms are only part of an illness- treating and acknowledging the stress and anxiety of a chronic condition is equally important. I feel secure and comfortable with Becky. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in acupuncture treatment.”
— AF, Harrisburg

“Becky has a great way of helping me stay balanced and healthy with her acupuncture treatments and expertise in herbal supplements. She has helped me work through various ailments such as back pain, sports injuries and seasonal allergies. I highly recommend her for either treatment of these types of issues and everyday balance and vitality. “
— BS, Harrisburg

“From the first time I met Becky, I knew I was in good hands. I had 2 miscarriages before meeting her. I got pregnant after meeting Becky and we now have a healthy 18 months old boy. I had warts on my toes, they disappeared and never came back! It was so amazing that my mum went to see her and back pain is gone. She is amazing, caring and effective! Thanks for offering such a personalized care.
— CH, Harrisburg

“For several months in 2005, I experienced severe insomnia, which caused me depression, anxiety, and substantial weight loss. I was in despair. Being totally frustrated with the mainstream medical establishment and what they had to offer, I was ready to try a holistic approach to healing. I consulted with Becky, and she was confident that Acupuncture would be helpful. Indeed, her treatments helped me out of despair and brought me to balance. I have found Becky to be very compassionate, patient, and a good listener. I routinely see her for “tune up” treatments. Becky has played a significant role in my healing journey, and I am very thankful for her being in my life.”
— MGV, New Cumberland

“Becky is a thoughtful, precise and careful. A lovely person and caring practitioner. She works in a calming setting and is always on time. I’ve always felt better and more balanced after having a treatment. It’s always a pleasure to see her!”
— KH Camp Hill

“After the loss of my wife, I went through four therapists with little to no results from my anger, sadness and grief. Becky suggested I try acupuncture for help. I had gone to her for physical ailments but I didn’t realize that needling would help my mental state as well. After several intense sessions with Becky, I have been able to cope with my loss. I have been off medications for quite a while now and I am moving forward with my life. I have Becky to thank for it.”
– AS, Lewisburg

“I have been going to Becky Thoroughgood for a couple years now. I knew in the first minutes I talked with her that she connected to her patients. She has a calming nature. I felt she was very knowledgeable about the systems of the body. She is also committed to understanding what is going on and helping me heal. I sought out treatment from Becky for ovarian cysts and other side effects of my menstrual cycle. I was amazed with the results. I cannot stop telling everyone how good I feel! Since then, she has brought me relief from sinus issues, bruises, strained muscles…the list goes on! She has made everything heal quicker! I enjoy all aspects of treatment. I am so relaxed after treatment and I sleep so well! Thanks Becky!! “
— LS, Middletown

“Never having experienced anxiety or depression before, I had no idea what was happening to me. I refused to take medication and looking back, acupuncture was the best suggestion I could have gotten. When I started with Becky, I was so entrenched I didn’t know where to start, but gracefully and with such understanding she helped me. Once I felt like myself again, I could finally see the amazing transformation and can only thank Becky for her knowledge, kindness, depth, and insight. Years later, I still seek Becky’s guidance and always appreciate her wisdom and perspective.”
— LB, Harrisburg

“Becky’s skills are not limited to acupuncture–she is a holistic healer! I came for help with a chronic hip problem and I found relief for that condition. But what I really appreciated was her suggestion of other services that have provided new insights into my condition. These included new types of exercise, other alternative healers and physical therapy (which I had not tried up to that point.) In fact, PT gave me a different diagnosis and treatment plan altogether–which has made all the difference in my recovery from this decade-long injury. So thank you Becky for being so well versed in the healing arts and for sharing your talents with us.”
— A.L. (Nairobi)

“I first sought treatment from Becky Thoroughgood for chronic pain resulting from abdominal cancer surgery. She successfully addressed that issue and her holistic approach to acupuncture has enhanced my overall physical and emotional health as well. She is a caring, accomplished health care professional who listens to her patients, treats them with respect and goes the extra mile to identify courses of treatment that meet their needs. I was impressed by her ability to listen and fully understand my efforts to describe the various problems that I have brought to her. I have enjoyed over 6 years of Becky’s treatment and consider her an essential element of my health maintenance program.”
— KB, Carlisle

“Becky Thoroughgood is one of the most caring, non-judgmental, skillful healers I know. Over the years her judicious and sensitive use of acupuncture has helped me to deal with digestive issues, back pain, seasonal change and to restore balance to my energy when I have been stuck. Her suggestions for diet and lifestyle have been insightful and given me tools I can use to support my health. Becky’s compassionate listening and gentle way have created a safe space in which I’ve found healing can begin.”
— ET, Mechanicsburg

“When faced with difficulties becoming pregnant, I wanted to make sure I was doing all I could to ensure a safe and successful pregnancy. I aligned myself with the physicians and specialists I trusted and with whom I felt safe. As the process continued and the side effects of medications and procedures built up, I realized I needed to do more. Not just for my body and my hopes of becoming a mother, but for my mind and spirit.
When I first visited Becky, I knew I was in the right place. She was warm and inviting while she listened to my concerns. She didn’t just address my medical issues, but she talked with me about many aspects of my life — getting to know me as a person, not a condition. I felt comfortable that Becky was working to complement my doctors’ course of treatment for me, while exploring new options for me, as well. She was helping me become a healthier person, while focusing on my very specific issues. She also offers suggestions of what I can do in between treatments to continue my progress.”
— ST, Harrisburg


“I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for approximately 4 years. I initially began treatment for a skin issue that I had not been able to receive relief for with tradition medicine. Having a background in healthcare I was skeptical about alternative medicine but had exhausted all treatment options...”

- AA, Hershey

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