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about_treatment_pulsesFrom a Chinese medicine perspective, energy circulates throughout the body in pathways called meridians. When our flow of energy is blocked, our health suffers, and pain or illness occurs. Consider the image of a garden hose. If the hose is kinked, the water is blocked. The same happens to us. Imbalances may be caused by physical trauma, poor diet, illness, emotional issues, a toxic environment, or climactic factors. Irregardless, acupuncture works by addressing the root cause of a condition as well as easing symptoms. By restoring the proper movement of energy at all levels – physical, mental and emotional — true healing can occur.

Treatment can have lasting effects on a variety of chronic health conditions, including: sleep disorders, muscle or joint pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, infertility, allergies, digestive complaints, stress and more. As complementary health care, acupuncture treatment is used quite successfully in conjunction with medical care and other therapies.

Receiving acupuncture treatment can be a profound healing experience. Perhaps unlike any other modality you’ve encountered so far. The initial appointment/treatment is about two-hours and provides you with an opportunity to speak at length about your health concerns and health history. Follow-up treatments are about one hour. Depending on your condition, you may feel better right away, or progress may be more incremental.
In the hands of a comprehensively trained practitioner, acupuncture treatment is extremely safe. It is an all- natural, drug free therapy with no side-effects except for a sense of relaxation and well-being.

All needles are sterile and about the size of a human hair. The sensation caused by an acupuncture needle varies. Some people report a momentary feeling of heaviness or a dull ache at the point of insertion. Others report no discomfort at all.

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“I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for approximately 4 years. I initially began treatment for a skin issue that I had not been able to receive relief for with tradition medicine. Having a background in healthcare I was skeptical about alternative medicine but had exhausted all treatment options...”

- AA, Hershey

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